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Optima Group name change

In January 2019, following the sale of the ECL Group Fuel Systems and ECL Group Technology Solutions business units, the parent company ECL Group changed our name to Optima Investment Group.

Several business unit names and logos also change at this point. Name changes include our security business changed to Evotek Technologies, our plumbing business changed to Flowpro, and our compliance services to Compliance Consultants.

Divestment of two businesses

In January 2019 an agreement to divest 75% of the Fuel Systems and Technology Solutions business units to Counties Power Ltd was completed. (

We are pleased to partner with Counties Power as this new relationship opens significant opportunities to the Fuel Systems and Technology Solutions businesses to grow and diversify.

Grant Mirfin will remain involved with the transitioning businesses via his appointment to the Governance Board of the new entity. As part of the process the ECL Group name will transition with the Fuel System and Technology Solutions businesses with the remaining business units receiving a refreshed branding treatment over the coming weeks.