Optima investments

Meet the Team

Grant Mirfin

Director - Chair

Grant joined the ECL Group in 1997 in the role of Managing Director, and led the growth and development of the business, through to the sale of the Fuel Systems and Technology Solutions businesses in 2019.
Grant is responsible for the strategic direction of the Optima Group and the evaluation of new business acquisitions.
Grant is chair of the Optima Group Board, along with being a director of all portfolio companies.

Brent Mirfin


Brent joined the ECL Group in 1992 and was instrumental in the growth and development of the Evotek Technologies business. Brent has been a director of the ECL Group for the past 25 years. Brent’s key focus currently is the development of the Evotek Technologies business along with key future initiatives.
Brent is a director of Optima Group, and also the Evotek, Compliance Consultants, Monitor NZ and SiteCare businesses.

Simon Abbot


Simon is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years financial services experience. He has been an advisor to the ECL Group and Optima Group since 1997, and heads the audit and risk committee. Simon is also a director of a number of private companies including Walker Davy Searell Ltd.

David Bell


David joined the Optima Group in 2008 in a regional management role, moving through to the COO role in 2016. David was promoted into the CEO role in February 2019, and has the key managerial responsibility to manage the strategic direction and performance of all majority owned Optima Group investments.

John Spillane

Executive General Manager

John joined the Optima Group in 2004 as GM of the Fuel Systems business unit. Over Johns career with the Optima Group, he has undertaken the development of a number of business units and managed key business initiatives, with a strong track record for business growth.
John has key responsibilities for the Monitor NZ business along with key projects and customer engagement.

Jeremy Cox


Jeremy joined the Optima Investment Group in 2008 and brings with him a solid background as a Chartered Accountant. Jeremy manages all financial, insurance, banking and legal areas of the Optima business as well as financial operations of wholly owned companies.